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Services  Triad Geek On Site PC Service and Support in the Piedmont Triad NC

I offer a full range of Information Technology services to support your small business or improve your home computer.

Networking & Wireless

  • install & configure router
  • share files & printers
  • high speed internet setup
  • wireless setup


  • correct problems without finger pointing
  • identify problem & diagnose
  • identify most cost effective solution
  • crashed computer repair

Virus & Spyware Removal

  • remove viruses without wiping your hard drive
  • clean spyware popup ads
  • stop web browser redirects to alternate sites

Upgrade Your Computer

  • increase RAM
  • newer operating system
  • update graphics card
  • larger hard drive

Migrate to a New Computer

  • provide purchasing assistance for a new PC
  • move data to new PC, including email, photos, music and favorites
  • securely wipe hard drive on old PC

Tune Up

  • get computer cleaned up and back running at full speed
  • install updates and patches to Windows and your other critical software like antivirus and spyware
  • stop unnecessary programs from starting up automatically
  • remove unnecessary temporary files
  • defragment the hard drive
  • desktop cleanup

Data Backup & Recovery

  • disaster planning and preparation
  • help backup your files
  • develop system for automatic backups
  • setup off-site backup

Email & Websites

  • email and website hosting
  • website design & redesign
  • website maintenance & management
  • database applications & e-commerce

Buying Advice

  • provide handholding to guide you through the maze of computer terms and acronyms - you shouldn't have to learn terms like FSB, SATA, or DDR just to get the computer that you need
  • will help you maximize your computer investment by finding the absolute best deal

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